What makes Mapkin unique?

By providing enhanced directions that mention traffic lights, landmarks, and tricky turns, Mapkin makes navigating extremely intuitive and easy. Mapkin is the only GPS that allows drivers to submit helpful tips that can quickly be turned into new, easy-to-follow directions for everyone.

Where does the enhanced data come from?

Mapkin obtains enhanced on-the-ground data from three primary sources: internal collection efforts, state and local governments, and, most importantly, tips from our active and passionate community of drivers.

How do drivers add tips?

Once you join the community, you can easily add tips to the instructions you heard after a trip. Plus, passengers can easily record voice tips by just pressing and holding on the map during a drive.

What types of tips do drivers submit?

Drivers submit all sorts of tips. We’ve found the most helpful mention big obvious landmarks on corners, local hints about tricky turns, and tips on navigating complex intersections.

Do tips play verbatim?

Nope! Drivers submit casual tips and we take care of the rest. Each tip is verified by a Mapkin team member and then used to create new enhanced directions. This allows one tip to help drivers in many different ways depending on their route.

What if there aren’t many tips in an area yet?

Driving with Mapkin is still an awesome experience thanks to it’s friendly personality and less robotic directions. Plus the Mapkin team is constantly adding enhanced data nationwide.

Can drivers add tips without driving?

Not yet. We’d love to add this feature soon, but it’s a complex issue and we’re currently investigating options that would be fun to use yet keep Mapkin simple for everyone.