Holiday Challenge!

Here at Mapkin we're focused on making navigation safer, easier, and more enjoyable. That's only possible thanks to all the local tips that you have shared with us over the past few months. With the holiday season upon us, what better time to come together to help others? 

This week we're excited to announce the first ever Voice Tip + Quick Tip Challenge. It will be a friendly challenge that includes special prizes for those who share the most tips. Find out more below.

The Challenge

Similar to the Tip Jar challenges in the past, the goal will be to improve the directions in and around your city. However, this week we'll focus exclusively on sharing tips using the Mapkin app. All tips shared using Voice Notes or the new Quick Tips will be counted.

How long does it last?
The challenge starts today and ends on Wednesday (12/23) morning at 8am EST.

How do I join?
Simply use Mapkin to drive and share tips as you normally would. All Voice Tips and Quick Tips shared between 12/16 and 12/23 will be counted.

The Prizes

1. A $50 gas gift card for the person who shares the most tips to help other drivers.

2. A $25 Amazon gift card for the person who shares the second most tips to help other drivers.

3. Mapkin Swag (apparel and accessories) for the person who shares the third most tips to help other drivers.

Tips on Tips

A quick refresher on the types of tips that help the most:

Local Hints: Share a tip about a road, intersection, or turn that only a local would know. Help drivers navigate easier by sharing tips about turns that are easy to miss or roads that get curvy up ahead.

Landmarks: Help drivers know when to turn by sharing tips about visible landmarks on street corners. Gas stations, churches, and well known chain businesses are a few of the great landmarks to be on the lookout for.

Lane Guidance: Help other drivers be prepared by sharing tips on the best lane to use when making turns along your route.

Traffic Lights & Stop Signs: Both of these are super helpful in providing detailed directions. Let us know if we miss one at a turn.