Mapkin Tip Jar Challenge #2

Today, we're excited to announce a brand new Mapkin Tip Jar challenge. The last Tip Jar challenge for traffic lights was a huge success. People from all over the country shared hundreds of tips that resulted in thousands of new enhanced directions. This week we're turning our focus to gas stations!

The person who contributes the most gas station tips will receive a Mapkin t-shirt and a special surprise!

How to Join!

Participating in the Mapkin Tip Jar challenge is easy.

Simply log in to the Mapkin Tip Jar web tool using the same email and password you used for the app and start adding gas station locations in your area! You can also add stations from other towns, cities, and states :)

*Pro Tip: Use satellite view to easily zoom in and verify each stations location.

Why Gas Stations?

Gas Stations are extremely helpful visual landmarks that are often located on street corners and intersections. By knowing where gas stations are located, Mapkin is able to provide helpful directions like "After the Shell gas station, turn right onto Main Street".

Special Prize!

The Mapkin Guide that submits the most new gas station tips by the end of the day on Tuesday (Nov 17th) will win a Mapkin t-shirt and a special surprise!