Mapkin Tip Jar Challenge #1

Last week we introduced the Mapkin Tip Jar and we were blown away by the amazing tips we received from all over the country (shout out to Colleen in Hawaii who added over 80 tips!). This week we're excited to announce the first ever Mapkin Tip Jar Challenge!

Are you up for a friendly competition that will make driving in your neighborhood safer and easier for everyone? Over the next week, we're rallying the Mapkin community to add new traffic lights to the Mapkin Tip Jar. With your help, Mapkin will provide hundreds (or thousands) of new directions that will greatly improve the driving experience. 

The person who contributes the most new traffic lights will receive a Mapkin T-shirt (it's silky smooth)!

How to Join!

Participating in the Mapkin Tip Jar challenge is easy! 

Simply log in to the new Mapkin Tip Jar web tool using the same email and password you used for the app & start adding traffic lights in your area!

*Pro Tip: Use satellite view to easily zoom in and verify traffic light locations.

Why Traffic Lights?

Traffic lights are super helpful visual cues that allow Mapkin to provide directions like "At the next light, turn right onto Main Street". Although these types of directions appear simple and generic, they are the most helpful and popular amongst the Mapkin community of drivers.

Special Prize!

The Mapkin Guide that submits the most new traffic lights by the end of the day Tuesday (Oct 27th) will win a Mapkin T-shirt!