Mapkin Guide Spotlight: Matt Richards

Name: Matt Richards

Location: Stowe, Ohio

Member Since: The beginning!

Number of Tips: 600+

Why do you enjoy submitting tips to Mapkin: Mapkin's way of giving directions is unlike anything I've heard from other apps, and I've tried almost all of them.  To hear, "All right, your turn is 1/2 mile ahead, coming up at the next stoplight" is incredibly helpful.  As I approach the light, I hear, "Turn right, just after the gas station" allows me to focus on driving and not being forced to look at the map.

Then, the feedback portion is huge.  There is nothing else out there that gives drivers an easy way to either add tips or make corrections.  If I see something that might help someone following me to make a turn, whether it is a friend or complete stranger, Mapkin provides the ability to input this information.  There are no other apps that seem to care about making the driving experience as accurate AND helpful than Mapkin.

What's your favorite tip that you've shared: The favorite tip came on the heels of a near tragic accident in a neighboring town.  There is a tricky turn onto an on-ramp that drivers must first cross a set of railroad tracks before completing the right turn.  A driver at night accidentally turned right ONTO the railroad tracks, got stuck, and had to bail out of his car before a train came.  I added the tip, with some behind-the-scenes help, that said, "Turn right onto Route 8, after driving over the railroad tracks."

While it is certainly fun to add tips about businesses on corners, lane guidance, stop lights, neighborhood signs, rough railroad tracks, and dangerous turns, knowing that someone new to that area could benefit from hearing that tip and not get stuck in front of a train is powerful.

Fun fact about Matt: I am stoked for this season of "The Voice." My soon-to-be three-year-old son loves watching the show and signing along.  We travel in the car singing songs as well as dance in the kitchen.  He was really disappointed that Josh didn't win last season!