The Start of a Journey

On September 16th, Mapkin was introduced to the world.
This is a behind the scenes look at how the launch day unfolded.


- 10:31pm Marc Regan (Mapkin's CEO and cofounder) releases Mapkin on the App Store.

- 10:31-10:58pm The entire Mapkin team manically searches and refreshes the App Store waiting for Mapkin to appear.

  Hey Jake...I think you've got some apps that need to be updated ;)


Hey Jake...I think you've got some apps that need to be updated ;)

- 10:59pm Mapkin goes live!

- 11:00pm-1:00am The Mapkin team spends the next few hours testing & making sure the app is working properly.


- 7:01am Mapkin is introduced to the Twitterverse.

- 7:15am Jeff Needles (from Meerkat) hunts Mapkin on on Product Hunt (shoutout to Mike Coutermarsh + The entire PH Team).

- 10:00am Cofounders Marc and Jake join the PH discussion to share the Mapkin story and answer questions from the passionate community.

- 11:00am Mapkin sends out a launch email to it's early sign up list and beta users.

- 1:00pm Mapkin emails their amazing group of investors informing them of Mapkin's launch and how they can help.


- 6:26pm Mapkin receives a tweet from Luke Bussey (from YesWare) that Mapkin has been featured on the App Store homepage under Best New Apps.

- 6:27pm The news is quickly announced to the team.

-6:27pm Assuming it's a joke, Marc angrily screams out "Dude. Are you serious? Don't joke about that."

-6:28pm After taking a minute to turns out it wasn't a joke...

- 6:29pm onward: The Mapkin team buckles down for a busy night of tweeting, emailing, and monitoring. 


We could not have done this without the amazing support from our families, friends, beta testers, early adopters, & investors.


John Hetherington, Allana Taranto, Meg Belanger, Bret McVey, Matthew Richards, David Garlikov, Mike Coutermarsh, Ryan Hoover, the Product Hunt Team, Jeff Needles, & Luke Bessey.