Meet Mapkin


Meet the first GPS that gives directions like a local, thanks to tips from drivers like you!


Smarter Directions

Enhanced Voice Guidance
The only turn-by-turn voice guidance that provides helpful visual cues & local hints to make your drive easier and safer.

Powered By Drivers
Directions that constantly improve, thanks to tips from an active and passionate community.

Share Your Advice
Join drivers in your neighborhood who are sharing tips about helpful landmarks, tricky turns, and more.

Outsmart Traffic
Optimized routes based on real-time traffic so you can avoid those pesky traffic jams.


How tips work.

Mapkin's enhanced voice guidance is powered by tips from drivers like you. Easily submit tips about landmarks, tricky turns and more, and we'll create new directions for everyone.

After a drive, you can add tips to any of the instructions you heard along the route.

During a drive, you can easily record tips by pressing and holding on the map.

What you'll hear.

Take a left at the light onto Main Street, just past the gas station.
— Thanks to @Kathy
This road is really curvy up ahead, we better take it slow.
— Thanks to @Vijay
Watch out for parked cars in the right lane for the next mile or so.
— Thanks to @Allana